The Hope House Story:

The ownership, Ann and Philip Stover have loved and cared for nine children of their own and numerous foster children over the years. Over time they became increasingly concerned by the number of teenage boys in custody in Kansas who have no permanent address and cannot find a home in foster care.

When Ann suffered serious injuries in a car accident, she and Philip wondered how God would use this event to further His kingdom. Less than two years later, He spoke to them about beginning a residential center for some of those children who need a place to live.

They owned a large 6-bedroom “barn” house and had used it as a rental property. So, now with an insurance settlement and some other generous gifts, they were able to reconfigure the house into a 3-bedroom residential center for nine youth which now is the Hope House and is often referred to as the “House of Hope” in Quinter.

In 2012, two wings were added to the east and west sides of the house. This added individual bedrooms for up to 10 boys and dramatically increased the common living space. The addition was built entirely with donated labor and funding and was a miraculous event.

The boys living in Hope House are in juvenile justice custody and have been placed there by the courts. The average stay is 4-5 months and many of the boys complete their program successfully and return home. Hope House is highly regarded by the courts and parole officers all over the state.


Hope House

The building project at Hope House is finished!  There are now ten individual bedrooms for the boys.  The living space has more than doubled and the boys now enjoy ping pong, areas for crafts and game playing, an area for playing video games and an area for watching television and movies.  The dining area is used for dining and doing their study and paperwork.  The original old farm house has become an amazing facility for young men.


The boys now attend an alternative school setting facilitated by our regional service center.  Because of their very unique educational needs and because of their checkered school backgrounds, this is the best solution.  While we are sad that they are no longer in the regular public school setting, this solution has produced positive long-term results for the Hope House boys.  Those boys who would seem to benefit from public education will be considered individually for attending the local high school.



Current fund-raising is focused on:

  1. a replacement van for our current old, high mileage van;
  2. the purchase of a commercial-use stove and dishwasher, appliances
  3. new mattresses
  4. computers, programming
  5. debt retirement, endowment, cash flow assistance







Mission Statement:Logo

Hope House strives to provide hope in a compassionate, safe, and stable environment for children.


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